Monday, August 8, 2011

2nd Floor, Adm1, SZBAP. Monday 08 Aug 2011 @ 01:50AM

Salam world!

what am i doing here at this hour?
Guess it's normal for some people, especially yg kaki clubbing but not for me...
Used to do this few years back when i was in Operation. Thot that i'm not gonna do it anymore.
"But sorry... u can't escape!"

Reached one of the critical stage in this project. We've asked the whole team to be here. Yes they are here but somehow not talking to each other. what for?
The solution architect is also here but buat dekk je... hangin plak aku tengok.

Dah dekat 2 jam dah ni... ke korang nak tengok aku mengamuk? nanti bila projek dah setel, jgn kata aku saja2 rate korg ikut suka aku. memang kenyataan.

am observing!!

cont later...

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