Thursday, May 6, 2010


see.. how lazy i am to update this blog :P

Btw... esok will be the 1st day for the new vendor to do primary support for the infra ops. Tapi at the same time myself and the current NW team masih lagi bz with all the new request from customer. Camne tu? By right kitorang ni dah tak patut rasa bertanggung jawab for whatever jadi kat this account. Tapi tu lah... payah nak buat2 sombong or buat tak tau sbb my heart masih lagi di sini and i am still very loyal to this company eventhough dah 2 kali kena jual. Siang tadi was a very bz day. Pagi petang mtg. Just imagine... 4 different mtg in a day. Boleh tak kalau aku nak buat2 demam so leh ambik mc esok?

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