Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Day 2

ada my coll yg dah dapat offer letter from the new vendor who is taking over the job from us. As for myself... hmmmm............that's not what i want... am waiting for an offer from the other party. Harap2 apa yg di'verbally' agreed akan di hitam putih kan very soon. Tapi worry jugak, dah jadi trademark, janji melayu ni payah nak laku. whatever it is.... i'll just wait n see. Stay here till the end pun ok jugak, rileks je....gaji jalan beb!

Haa lupa nak cakap, gambar dekat my profile tu actually my daughter, the 1st one. She's 12 now. Actually going to be 12 on 8 Sep. Dia punya birth date cantik... 8 Sep, 1998. Kalau di shortcut kan - 8998. I feel worry, takut, everytime looking at her. Macam org selalu cakap, jaga anak dara sorg lagi susah dari jaga kerbau sekandang. Tapi i never know camne rasa jaga kerbau sekandang sbb tengok kerbau pun jarang2...

well... gotta go. sleepy daaa! i'll tell u abt my 2nd daughter next time.... ciao!!

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